The 15th RUFORUM Annual General Meeting is here. Join us!

Blog by David Ekepu, RUFORUM

We are pleased to let you know that the Sentinel project will participate in this year’s RUFORUM Annual General Meeting (AGM) slated for 2 - 6 December 2019 in Cape Coast, Ghana. RUFORUM is a partner in the Sentinel project and comprises a network of 105 member universities from 37 African countries.

The AGM is the supreme decision-making platform of RUFORUM and attracts a broad range of stakeholders including vice chancellors, researchers, development partners, government officials and well-wishers from Africa and beyond. The meeting will be hosted by the University of Cape Coast in collaboration with other RUFORUM member universities in west Africa including the University of Ghana – a partner in the Sentinel project.

The theme for this year’s AGM is Delivering on Africa’s Universities Agenda for Higher Agricultural Education, Science, Technology and Innovation (AHESTI): What will it take?

Sentinel’s partnership with RUFORUM contributes to strengthening capacity of RUFORUM member universities to conduct relevant research at the agricultural-environment nexus, and to strengthen their related teaching.

Sentinel is organizing a half-day training workshop on interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research programming for RUFORUM principals and deans. These principals and deans are the key leaders of colleges and faculties of agriculture, environment, science and technology in African universities. The workshop’s aim is to enhance their research capacity.

Additionally, the principals and deans form one of the governance structures central to RUFORUM’s operations, and are the entry point for interventions in universities particularly in reforming research and teaching excellence.

The training workshop will provide an opportunity to scale out interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research capacity to an estimated 120 principals and deans from 38 African countries. Sentinel’s presence at the AGM will also provide a platform for showcasing the project’s ongoing research activities and for Sentinel researchers and relevant stakeholders to network.

Sentinel is pleased to welcome you all to the RUFORUM 2019 AGM and looks forward to fruitful deliberations and engagement for higher education transformation in Africa. Join us!