Analysing trade-offs in land-use decision-making: Learning to use AHP as a tool - Module 3

A training course by Xiaoting Hou-Jones (IIED, UK) and Alan Renwick (Lincoln University, New Zealand)

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Developing your research plan

Please only proceed to this module after you have completed Modules 1 and 2. 
This module is designed to help you develop your own research plan using the skills and knowledge you gained from Modules 1 and 2. It offers a list of issues for you to consider when designing your research plan and suggests some additional resources to deepen your understanding of AHP and its wider applications.


1. List of issues

Whichever research topic you choose, it is important to address the following questions: 

  • Given your research objectives or questions, what approaches and methods that you have learnt about   through this training module would be the most appropriate and can incorporate the AHP methodology? 
  • What is the final output you would like to produce? 
  • Who is the main audience for your output? 
  • Who will be involved in your research (and if there is more than one person, what is the division of responsibilities)? 
  • What is your research timeline and budget? Is the plan realistic in light of this?


2. Additional resources

You may find these links have helpful information on AHP and its applications: