Climate change had a devastating impact on agriculture in the Mount Kenya region, Kenya. Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity work is essential to tackle complex issues (Photo: CIAT/Neil Palmer via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0)

Talking transdisciplinarity

How do we really achieve impact in our work?

19 Apr 2021
Alexandre Chausson, University of Oxford & Lydia Cole, University of St Andrews

Career Opportunity: IIED Agricultural Expansion Consultant

IIED is seeking a research consultant to work with us on research into drivers of agricultural expansion in sub-Saharan Africa.

12 Apr 2021
Rudo Violet Denga, one of RUFORUM's PhD students, conducting fieldwork in Bulangililo, along the Kafue River, Kitwe, Zambia

RUFORUM-Sentinel PhD students share their progress and personal reflections

As part of its capacity strengthening strategy, Sentinel has awarded small research grants to 25 PhD candidates in sub-Saharan Africa to carry out novel, relevant research at the agricultural/environment nexus.

26 Feb 2021
David Ekepu, RUFORUM
A word map, showing major words connected with the Sentinel Project

Help us ensure we are asking the right questions - Take our survey

Meeting the proposed United Nation’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development requires that we make informed and effective evidence-based decisions now.

05 Feb 2021
Adam Devenish & Jingyi Yang, Imperial College London
Sentinel team members training RUFORUM students online

Amidst COVID-19, Sentinel trains RUFORUM PhD students in qualitative research design, data collection, analysis, and presentation

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt heavily in all sectors globally and it is still wreaking havoc on economies.

25 Nov 2020
Nugun Patrick Jellason, University of Reading
Global Food Security Conference logo

Achieving national food self-sufficiency or protecting forests? Join Sentinel colleagues debating the trade-offs

On 4 December 2020 Sentinel colleagues welcome you to a session on ’Understanding and managing food security – nature conservation trade-offs: concepts and methods for decision-making’.  

25 Nov 2020
Liz Carlile, IIED
RUFORUM students in discussion

Shining the spotlight on Ghana’s RUFORUM PhD candidates

When the Sentinel project began in 2017 it put out a call for proposals from PhD candidates through its partner, The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM). Candidates were asked to propose topics on: 

10 Aug 2020
Delali Kumapley, University of Ghana
Focus Group discussions during community resource mapping where farmers led discussions and documentation.

Sharing experiences on reconnaissance survey implementation in Zambia

The Sentinel Zambia reconnaissance survey was implemented from 15 August to 28 September 2019 in the Kazungula, Katete, Kaoma, Kapiri Mposhi and Zambezi districts of Zambia. 

04 Aug 2020
Petan Hamazakaza, Copperbelt University
Photo of an African forest

Truly transformative change is key to combating the biodiversity crisis

For the Convention on Biological Diversity’s new post-2020 framework to be effective – and not more empty rhetoric – governance needs more attention.
13 Jul 2020
Phil Franks, IIED
Ghanaian villagers

Recounting Ghana’s reconnaissance survey experience

The field team working on the Sentinel programme’s reconn

28 May 2020
Delali Kumapley, University of Ghana