RUFORUM students in discussion

Shining the spotlight on Ghana’s RUFORUM PhD candidates

When the Sentinel project began in 2017 it put out a call for proposals from PhD candidates through its partner, The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM). Candidates were asked to propose topics on: 

10 Aug 2020
Delali Kumapley, University of Ghana
Focus Group discussions during community resource mapping where farmers led discussions and documentation.

Sharing experiences on reconnaissance survey implementation in Zambia

The Sentinel Zambia reconnaissance survey was implemented from 15 August to 28 September 2019 in the Kazungula, Katete, Kaoma, Kapiri Mposhi and Zambezi districts of Zambia. 

04 Aug 2020
Petan Hamazakaza, Copperbelt University
Photo of an African forest

Truly transformative change is key to combating the biodiversity crisis

For the Convention on Biological Diversity’s new post-2020 framework to be effective – and not more empty rhetoric – governance needs more attention.
13 Jul 2020
Phil Franks, IIED
Ghanaian villagers

Recounting Ghana’s reconnaissance survey experience

The field team working on the Sentinel programme’s reconn

28 May 2020
Delali Kumapley, University of Ghana

How Country Advisory Groups are helping achieve Sentinel's objectives

Crosscutting all of Sentinel’s objectives is the theme of stakeholder engagement.

27 Jan 2020
Valerie Kalinso, Copperbelt University
Alexandre Chausson in Nansongwa village in south-west Zambia

Engage and exchange: researchers and farmers collaborate in Zambia workshop

A visit to Nansongwa village in south-west Zambia (one of the villages included in the reconnaissance survey [

29 Nov 2019
Alexandre Chausson, University of Oxford
Sentinel group photo at Zambia meeting, November 2019

Sentinel partners take stock and plan, with two years to go

In early November, Sentinel partners from Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia and the UK met in Livingstone, Zambia. The agenda was to review progress, share experiences and learning, and plan activities for the remaining two years of the project.

15 Nov 2019
Barbara Adolph, IIED, Agroecology Team
Expansion frontier in Kaja Boka community Adiyo Woreda, Ethiopia

Socioeconomic impacts of agricultural expansion: what we have learnt so far

Reconnaissance surveys have been successfully conducted in Zambia, Ghana, and Ethiopia. Our three in-country partners are now at different stages of their site report writing to inform the Zambia workshop.

15 Nov 2019
Nugun Patrick Jellason & Liz Robinson, University of Reading, Socioeconomic Impact team
Logos of datasets

Large-scale, freely available data for Ghana, Ethiopia, and Zambia

We need appropriate spatial data to understand how agricultural development has been affecting the environment in Ghana, Ethiopia, and Zambia to date.  At UCL, we have been looking to large-scale, freely available data sources to see which might b

13 Nov 2019
Abbie Chapman, UCL
Comms learning week 2019

Sentinel’s communicators sharpen skills in learning exchange

IIED’s Communications Learning Week in late June hosted by the institute’s communications team was timely and highly opportune for the Sentinel project.

21 Aug 2019
Valerie Kalinso, Copperbelt University