Future trade-offs to 2050: land cover change, biodiversity and agriculture in Zambia

Geoffrey Griffiths - University of Reading, Barbara Adolph - IIED, Abbie Chapman - UCL, Jo Davies - University of Reading, Adam Devenish - Imperial College London, Nugun P Jellason, Kennedy Kanja - Copperbelt University, Jane M Kwenye - Copperbelt University, Syed Amir Manzoor - University of Multan, Jacob Mwitwa - Copperbelt University, Time Newbold - UCL, Darius Phiri - Copperbelt University, Elizabeth Robinson - London School of Economics, Monika Zurek - University of Oxford
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Sentinel / IIED
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In Zambia, the demand for cereal to feed a growing population is predicted to double by 2050. As pressure on agricultural land increases, there is an urgent need to develop tools to minimise conflicts between competing land uses. To date, most of the research exploring land use conflicts has been conducted at global scales rather than national or sub-national ones. 

This briefing describes the process to translate the 'storylines' that emerged from a national stakeholder scenarios development workshop held by the Sentinel project in Zambia in 2018 and presents the results as national maps of projected land cover changes to 2050.