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Adam Devenish & Jingyi Yang, Imperial College London

Meeting the proposed United Nation’s 2030 agenda for sustainable development requires that we make informed and effective evidence-based decisions now. It is vital that we ensure that the research and development priorities of producers (i.e., academic researchers) and consumers (i.e., policy makers) align; that the evidence we produce is fit-for-purpose.

To support this objective, the SENTINEL project team, in partnership with the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), are leading a horizon scanning activity to identify the 100 most critical research questions that, if answered, would have the greatest positive impact on food security, ecosystem health and inequality in sub-Saharan Africa.

During the first stage of this work, we collected over 1,300 research questions. These questions were proposed by colleagues across diverse backgrounds and countries and cover a wide range of topics, representing research interests in sub-Saharan Africa as broadly and inclusively as possible. 

We now want your help to shortlist the questions. 
We want to ensure that the final 100 research questions are the ones with the potential to yield the most profound social impacts - and we need your views to ensure that everyone’s views are equally represented. 

How you can help:
We would like you to score the importance of a random subset of 28 research questions. We will use the scores you provide to rank the questions ahead of the final project workshop later this year. 

Follow the link to the survey below and input your scores.

Survey link:

The deadline for responses has been extended to 1st March 2021.

Please note that you do not need to have an in-depth knowledge of a given research area to participate. We are keen to hear from anyone involved in the region, especially those organisations or individuals who are actively engaged with the agricultural sector.