Scenarios of agricultural development in Ghana: Produced during the Sentinel Participatory Scenario Development workshop - Accra, Ghana, 4-6 July 2018

Dora Neina, Monika Zurek, Anniek Hebinck, Barbara Adolph, Phil Franks, Yves Coffi Zanmassou, Selase Adanu, John Kwame Boateng, Nana Amma Browne-Klutse, Richeal Akosua Bosompem, Samuel Godfried K. Adiku
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This report summaries the proceedings and outputs of a scenario devleopment workshop, designed to develop a set of plausible scenarios of agricultural development in Ghana. The workshop was organised by the Ghana team of the Sentinel project. A group of 31 stakeholders from a range of organisations participated in the workshop, followed by 2 additional meetings to finalise the storylines. We hope that the scenarios will be useful not just to the Sentinel project (to help refine its research questions) but also to the workshop participants, to support reflections on plausible future challenges and opportunities for Ghana's agriculture.