Sentinel partners take stock and plan, with two years to go

Barbara Adolph, IIED, Agroecology Team

In early November, Sentinel partners from Ethiopia, Ghana, Zambia and the UK met in Livingstone, Zambia. The agenda was to review progress, share experiences and learning, and plan activities for the remaining two years of the project.

A particular focus was ways of linking up socio-economic and environmental work streams, sharing intermediate outputs and integrating local level empirical data with national level scenarios and spatial analysis.

Sentinel partner Professor Jacob Mwitwa from Copperbelt University and his team hosted the event, which involved intense and sometimes heated debates, as well as time for social interactions. Simultaneously meeting the objectives of building an interdisciplinary, cross-continental research team while also reducing carbon emissions from air travel can be a challenge – another case of trade-offs! A number of partners participated remotely, while others combined the workshop with visits for other projects.